Friday, November 04, 2005

coming around to podcasts

If you have read my post about dropping out of the digital age, you know I am a Luddite wannabe. When some new fangled thingy in the technology world debuts, I avoid it for as long as I can. What inevitably happens, however, is that it starts to have some purpose for me. In other words, I need a considerable push.

I viewed podcasts this way, it sounded like the radio to me and I can easily enjoy that in the car or at home at the flick of a switch, why mess with the computer? Until I stumbled onto a certain podcast of interest. I do some ESL programs at my library and stumbled across Breaking News English, a website put up by an ESL teacher in Japan. It features a daily news article with a ready made lesson plan. AND A PODCAST.

I was intrigued and tried to listen to it at home. To do this I had to reconnect the speakers, which had been disconnected because there are not enough outlets on the power strip and I really need the crosscut paper shredder in this age of identity theft. So I got down on my hands and knees to reconnect the speakers. I clicked on the podcast and could hear a faint voice. I fiddled with the knobs on the speakers to no avail, clearly a man was saying something but it wasn't clear what he was saying. I was too tired to go to My Computer to see if there are some audio controls I have thus far been blissfully ignorant of. Easier to try again at work.

At work, I was able to listen, the accent is slightly British but the podcast might be useful in the future. The other hurdle to overcome is that our meeting room has no computer so no way to listen to it there. Hopefully, the push of technology will change that soon.

I don't remember where I saw it but I recently saw a TV segment about podcasts, perhaps something on Channel 11. What was interesting to me was that some families were profiled who are doing podcasts. Now that was interesting. I started to see how it was different from radio, anyone who wants a radio show and can't get one can get a podcast. I started to think of my theater obsessed nieces and nephew and how they could act out plays on podcasts.

I'm coming around, slowly but surely.


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